As a national company in the career fair industry, Best Hire’s reputation thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. Our marketing team & IT team  was seeking a relevant, in-depth and effective professional solution to make them competitive in todays market place.

Best Hire
Sales Industry
IT Services, Remote Administration, Marketing Solutions


Best Hire Career Fairs had to expand and expand fast to keep up with the growth demand for hiring events. Build a private network for staff and visitors.

“Our goal was to design and build the perfect system to help them grow.”

Best Hire has thousands of job seekers come to their events each month. It’s critical to have a great support system to help them continue to grow.


We identified what the staff needed, hardware and software requirements. Then we purchased the equipment for the client and built their machines.

We established a network for their staff and wired the building for Best Hire Career Fairs.  We installed their phone systems and setup call recording for the company.

We provided them remote administration for the company and setup a cloud based exchanged service to manage their email.


Best Hire Career Fairs is thriving in their market place, any time they want to dabble in new technologies we create their solutions for them.  Best Hire has gone from 13 events a year to 125 events per year by partnering with Inoconn.