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Inoconn offers social media marketing services that are tailored to your needs. We take the time to understand your business and what social media platforms will work best for it. We know how important social media is in today’s world, so we make sure to give you a competitive edge with our social media management services.

The Service

Social Media Marketing

Inoconn offers revolutionary social media marketing services. From developing a social media strategy to executing it, we keep your interests first and foremost. With more than 20 years of experience in business and communication management, we’ve learned the best ways to communicate with people.

Patience, flexibility and understanding are a part of our service at Inoconn. We’re not the cheapest option for social media marketing in Las Vegas, but you get what you pay for. We’ll offer suggestions based on your company’s needs like increasing brand awareness with posts and contests- activities that are proven to increase customers. Our analytics will show you how much love your customers have given your company through likes, shares, retweets or standing ovations from favorites. With us by your side, you can feel confident that every post is performing well because we watch closely!

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The Benefits

The Value of Social Media Marketing

Social media is an influential platform for advertising and marketing your brand that lets you reach out to a large number of people in seconds. The power of social media ads helps reduce costs, making it the most effective way to advertise products among other digital platforms like Google Ads. Social media ads and social media marketing are the future of digital advertising, but its immediate benefits make social media an advantageous platform for not only businesses but also brands.

Social Media Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Social media marketing has a higher potential reach than traditional marketing with comparable growth costs. This social advantage becomes more apparent when compared to traditional print/television ads that have limited shelf life and require massive amounts of outbound financial investment to execute. Additionally, social media posts automatically become archived into the “cloud”, making them easy to access at any time – on mobile devices, laptops, or desktop computers. Social media posts can be shared between friends without requiring permission from the original author and are indexed by search engines like Google, hence giving your social presence a boost in organic SEO rankings.

Social Media Marketing with Organic Search Engine Optimization – SEO

In addition to social media marketing improving organic SEO, social media can also be used to improve search engine marketing (SEM) by sharing social posts on paid social ads. Paid social ads provide a higher potential reach than SEM, allowing you to target specific geographical locations or demographic groups. Also, social media users are more receptive of social ads than banner advertising that has become increasingly ineffective as compared to social media in recent years.

Who does it benefit

Why your business needs Social Media

It’s no question that social media has grown and become a fixture in our lives. A recent study shows social media as the preferred platform for more than 90% of America. This social media frenzy isn’t going away anytime soon. Hence, as business owners, you need to make a social media presence. Here are three reasons why social media is essential for your business’s success.

1. You’re Losing Customers

Did you know that an average of 80% of customers would recommend a brand to their friends after they have a good interaction with them? Social media allows you to interact with your customers directly and personally when they have those positive experiences. Social media makes it easier than ever to market directly towards potential new customers and existing ones (see social media’s power to bring back past customers below). Therefore, if your business doesn’t have social media, you’re losing out on customer recommendations which leads to lost revenue opportunities.

2. It’s FREE Marketing

Did you know social media is a powerful tool for print marketing? Social media gives you unlimited marketing opportunities without the cost of additional printings like flyers or business cards. In other words, social media increases your exposure and makes it easier to attract customers, leading to increased sales. For example, social media posts have been known to increase website traffic by up to 30%.

3. You Have Unlimited Sales Opportunities

Social media also gives consumers an accessible platform to voice their opinions about your product – both good and bad! Consumer reviews are what drive social sales more than anything else. With one glance at social media and people can tell whether you’re a good company or not. Suppose social media allows consumers to voice their opinions about your business. In that case, social media helps provide the solution for those opinions as well. For example, social media allows companies to solve customers’ problems immediately, which lead s to satisfied customers and increased sales all from social media.

So what are you waiting for? Hire us, and let’s make social media great again!

Why You Should Hire Us

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There is not a company out there who works harder for their customers than we do. Hire the top social media marketing agency in America. 

The Process

How Our Social Media Services Works

Determine Media Outlets

The social media outlets that you choose to be active on can affect your social media marketing strategies. For example, if you’re a small business owner with physical locations in multiple cities, it might not be worth your time and resources to spend time blogging for a social networking site like Pinterest. However, if you are a small business owner with a brick-and-mortar location but no social media presence, it would make sense to focus on social networking sites that mainly have text-based updates like LinkedIn. The social media outlets that you should be active on depending largely on what type of social media marketing do you want to do (e.g., digital ads, social connection).

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Provide useful information

In order to be effective, social media outlets need to contain current and relevant information about your business. If you’re going for a social media marketing strategy that is focused on social connection, it should reflect the personality of your brand or products. To gauge what content would be suitable for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, think about what types of updates you want your followers to see (e.g., advice, humor). You can share links to blog posts and other social media outlets as well as more personal updates if appropriate. The key is to make them as valuable as possible- no one likes following a social network account where all of the messages are sparsely promotional content from your business page.

Time on social

The social networks you actively participate in should be the ones where your customers already are. If your target market is largely made up of young adults, it won’t make sense to focus all of your social media efforts on LinkedIn. If you had limited resources, it would probably make more sense to put most of them into an outlet like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Focus on social networking sites where people go to engage with their favorite brands and businesses instead of trying to expand social media presence onto social outlets that don’t align with whom you want as clients (e.g., small businesses seeking seniors).A great way to find out which social media outlets your target market engages on is to social listening tools like Hootsuite or Sprout social and look at the social activity of your competitors.

Engaging with Customers

It’s important to respond to social media marketing mentions as quickly as possible. If you’re going to be active on social networks, make sure that you plan for this during off-peak hours (e.g., late-night). Your goal should be to build relationships through social media instead of merely trying to promote your brand or business. Responding back and forth will show potential clients that you’re serious about helping them and building a community around your products/services. It’s also important not only to engage on social networks but also on social media sites like Reddit, where customers are actively looking for businesses that can provide solutions to their problems.

Promote Your Content

When trying to expand your social media presence, it’s important to use social networks in conjunction with each other. For example, let’s say you have a Pinterest account but don’t want to spend time creating one for Instagram- consider using social listening tools like Social Mention or Google Alerts as well as Twitter search to find people who are talking about your brand or industry and start engaging with them by offering up helpful advice or asking questions/prompting conversations. This strategy allows viewers of those posts to see that you’re active on social media and can help drive them to social profiles where they can learn more about your business.

Measure Social Results

The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to connect with potential clients in a space where they’re spending their time, building relationships, establishing authority in your industry, and providing value. Identifying which social networking outlets work best for accomplishing this goal requires some trial and error, but there are a variety of ways to measure social media success.

There are a lot of ways to measure social media success, but you should focus on why social networks matter for your business and which metrics will help you achieve your goals. For example, if you’re trying to build brand awareness or get more people to learn about your organization, the number of followers you have could be an important metric. If you just want social sites

Inoconn is the best marketing company we have ever used. I don’t know how they do what they do, but whatever it is, it works and gives us great success in our business ventures!