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These days everything has to be up to date to compete in the market and companies have to use their resources efficiently. Cloud Computing is the latest innovation that can take your business to new heights. In cloud computing, you will use a system that is installed on the host company. By using this system, you are using the resources of the Inoconn computers and this can give you a lot of benefits.

Cloud Management for your small business has taken over file management systems and email management. Cloud Services offer advanced solutions that replace your current local servers for managing file systems and email management. Take your business online today and take the hassle out of paying for equipment you no longer need and move everything to the cloud. You can start accessing it from anywhere.

Cloud Management For File Sharing

Do you currently have a file share system? And you dream of moving it or maybe you want one but have not got around to setting it up. Cloud Management systems for file sharing are the wave of the future. We can build from scratch a file-sharing management system for your company using Dropbox, One Drive, or other cloud solutions and secure them. Moving your file system to the cloud gives you options never available before. Share files with clients or affiliates with the click of a button without triggering spam filters for attachements. Track changes in files, know who has them open, who is making changes, and when they were updated.

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Cloud Computing Benefits Include

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    Your business has to be efficient to compete with other companies. That being said, you must work less time with fewer resources to get more results. When you use cloud computing, you will spend less money because the system is less expensive, and you can efficiently integrate this system into your company. You will not need the IT staff to install the program. The program is already ready and integrated according to your demands.

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    Cloud Computing is more reliable than local software installations. With your data being stored in the cloud with the proper backup system. Cloud computing retains your data, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the data on your local drives. If you lost data in your software, it would be tough to get it back, but with cloud computing, your data is safe because regular backups performed. At Inoconn, there is a remote support option, so if you have lost your data, the support staff will help you recover it.

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    It is one of the major concerns for the business. Many businesses have lost data because of hackers and viruses. At Inoconn, you can breathe and let your fears go because we have the latest technology to protect you from malware and viruses. If an employee takes any data, you can view what data was removed because all records monitored at Inoconn. Combine this security with 21 years of reliable service, and you will get the best service for your company.

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    Installing local computer software requires you to install the updates to run the system smoothly. If you have a lot of computers, installing software on them all will become a headache. Cloud computing will handle the update part, so this will save your time and resources. When you are using the local software, you will have to hire an IT professional to update these systems. With cloud computing, you can save money as you will not need to pay a full-time salary for IT staff.

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    Every business owner wants to get more out of business and wants more flexibility. Cloud Computing can provide you flexibility by giving you freedom from having onsite IT staff. With cloud computing, there is no need to move your computers all over. You can just log on to the cloud from anywhere around the world from any computer system. This means if you are shifting your office or you have multiple office locations, all systems can remain connected.

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